Nature Tourism Company Shares its Purpose with the World

The nature tourism platform Yonder has incorporated as a public benefit corporation as it connects people with the natural world.

Supporting the company’s mission and purpose, nature tourism company Yonder has become a public benefit corporation (PBC). This is a corporate entity of legal status stating that the company shows equal importance to providing a positive environmental and social impact as it does to making a profit.

To immerse travellers into the natural world, Yonder provides a platform to find and book activities and stays at ranches, farms, vineyards, tree houses or other remote locations across America. Expansion is underway to extend the offerings to other destinations around the world. To connect people to plants, animals and nature in general, each of the experiences will provide a connection to those, but also the people involved at each location.

“We’re about nature, its power to help, heal, and put us back in touch with something bigger than ourselves,” said Freyr Thor, Co-founder and CEO of Yonder. “The PBC commitment helps ensure that Yonder doesn’t stray from that.

“Becoming a public benefit corporation is the structure that best fits our vision of how we wish to operate as a purpose-driven organisation.”

The company was founded in 2018 by Freyr Thor and Tim Southwell. They launched their new travel booking website and app earlier this year. They help people to experience unique activities whilst spending time in nature, with focus taken away from the financial cost and placed on personal growth and development that also enhances sustainability and protection to the surrounding environments.

Image: Yonder

The providers of each experience live from their land and heritage.

Their PBC status ensures that all company decisions will be taken with social, environmental and economic benefits in place to enhance the wellbeing of guests, hosts and communities as well as the company and investors.

Building a like minded community they intend to make a commitment to people and the planet to enhance the future for everyone.

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