Viewers of Changing Seas Programmes Can Connect with Topic Experts

As Changing Seas premiere their new episodes online viewers will be able to connect with global featured experts after watching.

The first of four new episodes of Changing Seas went online in June with a further three scheduled for during July. The series, in its twelfth year, takes viewers on exciting adventures with oceanographers alongside other scientists and experts to the depths of our seas and oceans.

Each of the new episodes will be a part of a free, virtual and interactive event as viewers watch the episodes before joining global experts to discuss the topics that were featured.

Alexa Elliott, Producer said: “This new season explores some really remote corners of our planet, and we are excited to give our audiences a chance to engage with some of the leading experts in various fields of marine science.”

Florida’s Blue Holes: Oases in the Sea is due to be shown on Tuesday 14th July as a team of divers and scientists explore and aim to uncover the mysteries surrounding the submerged blue holes that can be found around the Gulf of Mexico.

On Tuesday 21st July, the series looks at the threats faced by the Humboldt penguins that live across some of South America Pacific’s coast in ‘Peru’s Desert Penguins’.

The remote island location of American Samoa will be the destination for the final episode on Tuesday 28th July. American Samoa’s Resilient Coral Reefs delves into the largest coral colonies in the world to find out how to help save other reefs that are in danger.

Image: PRNewsfoto/South Florida PBS

The previous episode of ‘A Decade after Deepwater’ can still be seen on Changing Seas TV alongside past episodes from other seasons. The episode looked at the oil rig disaster that devastated Deepwater Horizon ten years ago, the impacts that it has had on the sea and how they have learnt from it to reduce damage in the event of a future disaster.

Viewers wanting to participate in the events are requested to RSVP to the screenings.

The Changing Seas series is produced by South Florida PBS, a public media company dedicated to using various digital media platforms to create and present educational, creative and cultural programmes.  Art Loft, Your South Florida and James Patterson’s Kid Stew were also produced by the company.

The Batchelor Foundation that encourages people to preserve and protect America’s underwater resources and The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations that works towards strengthening America’s future through education were both major sources of funding for the latest season. Additional funding came from both The William J. & Tina Rosenberg Foundation and the Do Unto Others Trust.

Distributed by American Public Television, Changing Seas has aired in more than 39 countries around the world.

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