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The States Staycation: Road Trips

Americans are planning to stay close to home this summer by taking road trips whilst making flexible last-minute travel plans.

A report released by Expedia shows that Americans are planning to holiday in their home states this year, after reviewing search and demand data plus the outcome of a survey completed by over 1,000 people in the U.S.

The demand for staycations is definitely on the rise in America. Hotel searches in June revealed more interest in domestic stays, with approximately 25% of them being for travel within the traveller’s home state. Of those booked, 97% offered the option of a refund as those booking look for options to change, reschedule or cancel if necessary. A rise has also been seen in last minute bookings. These factors have been associated with travel restrictions to other countries alongside the uncertainty of health, safety and other measures across the U.S.

gran canyon national park in america

85% of U.S. travellers are expected to take a road trip over the summer as it is considered the safest way to travel. Health and safety measures and avoiding crowds have shown to be the main priorities. A change of scenery is said to be the main reason for Americans travelling, followed by the desire to enjoy the outdoors.

Nisreene Atassi, Senior Director of PR and Social for Expedia said: “People miss travel, they have holiday days to use and they also want to stay safe. Given how quickly the advice and restrictions are changing, one of our main priorities at Expedia is making sure our customers have the information they need to navigate this summer travel season.

“People often choose non-refundable rates because they’re generally cheaper, but with so many destinations eager to welcome back tourists it’s more realistic than ever to find a great value without having to sacrifice flexibility,” continued Nisreene.

Image: PRNewswire / Expedia

“While the desire to get away is still going strong for many of us, how and where we’re choosing to go this summer looks different. Beaches and national parks remain popular, but more Americans are choosing destinations that are closer to home and drivable, instead of going somewhere more exotic, continued Nisreene. “Interestingly, we’ve seen that travellers are making these plans at the last minute. Things are so unpredictable right now with COVID-19, so it’s possible that travellers feel more comfortable making travel plans for the near future versus planning too far ahead.”

Globally, travel and tourism companies are introducing new measures to operate safely and reduce COVID-19 related risks. Expedia say that their site and app shows travellers the requirements and regulations so that they are informed prior to travel, creating a more relaxed experience. Traveller’s can also connect directly to accommodation or vehicle providers should they require any further information or to make a request.

Expedia also has a search filter that finds hotels offering free cancellation or airlines that are waiving fees to reschedule. Even so, approximately a third of the Americans asked are planning to stay with friends and relatives this year and around a quarter prefer the idea of camping.

It is said that Americans regularly choose to travel within the U.S. However, this summer is seeing a 10% rise on usual figures via traveller use on Expedia as one of the world’s largest travel sites and the survey conducted by Survey Monkey.

Canadians also often opt for domestic locations and the U.K. is seeing many Brits planning a staycation this summer.

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