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Hong Kong Company Releases World’s Most Valuable Backpack

Newly designed and released backpack is waterproof, watertight, adaptable, airtight, can act as a floatation device and be bullet proof.

The new Life and Living backpack from Hong Kong based company MVB has taken backpacks to a new level. The bag boasts a range of features and can also adapt to be used as a cross body bag, hand carry bag or a side tote. Plus, it looks good too with its clean, minimalist design.

A simple waterproof feature that keeps electronic equipment and documents dry on a rainy day is now more advanced. The bag’s double zipper design makes it watertight to the extent that it can be immersed in water, making it ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and other water activities.

Image: PRNewswire/MVB

It is also airtight, as the strong outer zip increases the pressure resistance of the inner one. This allows the bag to be inflated orally or with the use of a mini rechargeable pump blowing air into the one-way nozzle. The inflated bag can then be safely used as a floatation device, even when full. The other advantages of this is it can act as a resting pillow or protective air cushion when travelling or carrying delicate items.

Standard and shield editions are available, with the shield offering the extra protection of being bullet proof. Due to its 32 layers of Kevlar.

Image: PRNewswire/MVB

The eco-friendly material used is a biodegradable and recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Scratch resistant and soft to touch, it has the durability of canvas but the feel and comfort of leather. It can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 100 °C.

To change from one style of bag to another is quick and easy by adjusting or removing the quick-dry material straps.

With nearly 30 years of experience designing and creating a range of travel products the people at MVB have referred to this as “the world’s most valuable backpack.” It has received awards in both Europe and Asia including the Hong Kong Smart Design Award of 2019.

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