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UK Staycation: Taste the World from Home

As foreign travel decreases, here are some ways to still taste Britain, the continent and Asia without even leaving home.

It is not just the change in weather, scenery and routine that can be missed when not travelling or going on holiday, but also the food. We have found some ways to bring the tastes of Britain, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Asia to the doorstep so everyone can enjoy some favourite travel foods without having to leave the house.

Cheddar Cheese fit for a Ploughman’s Lunch:

Cheddar cheese takes its name from its village of origin. The village of Cheddar lies in the Mendip Hills of Somerset in England. Up until a few centuries ago, people used the gorge’s caves for storing cheese, a practise that has been reintroduced. The Wookey Hole, named after the cave in which it was stored, is one of the cheeses to have been aged in this way.

The people of Truckle Cheese recommend enjoying the Wookey Hole Cheddar Cheese at room temperature, with fruits and an Old English Ale.

Their Vintage Cruncher Special Reserve Cheddar is produced using milk from within the UK. Said to be a sweet tasting cheese with an acidic finish and a touch of a crunch it pairs well with a traditional cider.

A vegetarian option is the Farmhouse Mature Cheddar, a smooth and creamy yet full flavoured cheese. At Truckle Cheese they recommend pairing this with an onion marmalade. For wine drinkers a white Chardonnay or red Rioja compliments the cheese.

With a range of flavoured cheddars, blue cheeses, a guest selection, chutneys, pates, butter and biscuits there is everything needed to create a ploughmen’s lunch at home, except maybe an apple.

Fresh and Smoked Seafood of Scotland:

Surrounded by a rugged coastline and home to lochs full of seafood. Smoked salmon, kippers, mackerel, oysters, mussels and more represent some of the tastes from the UK’s most northern country.

The Real Food Hub is on a mission to put real food back in British kitchens by connecting food lovers to local farmers and suppliers of tastier, healthier, more ethically sourced food and drinks.

One of their suppliers is Andy Race Fish Merchants in Mallaig, Inverness. Smoked and fresh fish and seafood that were caught by local fisherman in the north west of Scotland is dispatched from amongst the clean waters and sandy beaches in this corner of the highlands.

The use of quality sourced seafood and traditional methods used for smoking with pure salt and sometimes peat or oak wood have gained the company the Quality Award from the Sea Fish Industry Authority and positive feedback from various publications.

Andy Race’s combination of peat and oak produces an artisan smoke that is well balanced and sweet. These elegant translucent slivers are a Sunday Telegraph favourite year after year.

Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine

This abundance of tasty fish and seafood can be enjoyed alongside a Scottish craft beer or single malt whisky.

The Valleys of Wales

Offering full traceability to the pastures of the Gower Salt Marshes and a unique flavour from the natural environment in which they are raised, a very special Welsh lamb is reared for the Weobley Castle Farm in Gower’s Llanrhidian.

The farm has won awards from True Taste of Wales, National Trust Fine Farm Produce and Great Taste.

Wales is also home to Penlon Cottage Brewery and Da Mhile Distillery.

Asian Tofu and Noodles:

One for the vegans as well as the Asian food lovers. Get Japanese style tofu, brown rice noodles, an organic sauce and finish off with a vanilla rice pudding or chocolate pot.

There is also a range of different drinks to taste including mango and ginger or blood orange with turmeric.

Belgian Chocolate and Hot Chocolate

Taste Belgium with a hot chocolate set complete with cocoa powder and marshmallows or the authentic chocolate spoons to mix into hot milk. Complete the luxurious treat with some praline shells or truffles.

Honey and Sweet Treats of Greece

It could be difficult to get Greek meze and gyros favourites delivered to home but we found a way to stock up on greek honey as used over fried cheese, in baklava and for other sweet treats.

Spanish Tapas

It is still possible to enjoy some Spanish tapas in the form of cheeses, bread, hams, sausages and other meats, olives, olive oil and with Spanish wines, cider or beer. There are even options to have a typical leg of Iberian ham delivered straight to your door.

spanish churros and chocolate

To finish off, add the chocolate and churros kit too or enjoy them for breakfast one morning, just like the Spanish do.

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