Make Someone Else’s Holiday Your Staycation

The ‘You’re Never Too Far from the Life Artois’ campaign has been launched by Stella Artois for Americans this summer.

Belgian beer brand Stella Artois have teamed up with Tripadvisor to give people across America the chance to swap someone else’s holiday for their own staycation, as a means to rediscover their local area, enjoy the summer and connect with friends and family.

“This is a unique year for travel. Now, more than ever, we should take that opportunity to make it more memorable than ever,” said Christine Maguire, Vice President, Global Advertising at Tripadvisor. “Our partnership with Stella Artois is focused on reminding travellers that they can still experience the hidden gems in familiar local destinations.”

The dreamy music video recently released by Stella Artois is just the start of the initiative as they aim to inspire everyone to dream of their ideal holiday. People can turn their dreams into an unforgettable staycation or even just be happy daydreaming.

Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois said: “In these times, our imaginations have been more active than ever because it’s as close as we can get to living the summer we had envisioned. With a Stella in hand, we want to show that you are a daydream away from The Life Artois and encourage people to still savour those special moments with the people who matter most, however that may look.”

Participants dreaming for the chance to enter the sweepstake can do so online until 31st August 2020 by sharing their cancelled or postponed holiday plans. Stella Artois and Tripadvisor will then match two travellers who had holiday plans in each other’s state, allowing them to enjoy someone else’s holiday itinerary and adventures as their own.

Image: PRNewswire/Stella Artois

More on the ‘You’re Never Too Far from the Life Artois’ campaign can be found across social media or on their website.

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