New Style of Seasonal Work has Arrived in America

To mix work with new pleasurable experiences The Work Nomads have launched a new style of recruitment across the U.S.

The recent employment layoffs and furloughing of employees across America has not deterred recruitment company The Work Nomads from getting people into seasonal work positions that allow them to enjoy new experiences at the same time.

“The Work Nomads was born out of a need to get more people back to work,” said Adam Cooper, President of The Work Nomads. “With resorts and small-town businesses struggling to find staff during the peak season we are filling a gap that blends the excitement of travelling somewhere new with the benefits of landing an awesome job at the same time.

“The Work Nomads is looking to fill these seasonal and summer opportunities with people from across the U.S, providing support and resources to help more people get back to work, satisfy some wanderlust and have an incredible experience.”

the outer banks, america

As The Work Nomads begin to recruit, their aim is to provide employment opportunities in travel related destinations. Matching job seekers to a season of adventure and new experiences whilst living somewhere new for a while. They also provide travel to and from the destination, accommodation and any other required resources.

This form of work is thought to attract more adventure seekers that have currently been laid off or furloughed from their usual jobs. At a time when unemployment is high, people can take advantage of doing something a little different for a while.

having fun in america

“These are real jobs, with real wages, but they are also so much more. The positions with The Work Nomads provide an opportunity to try something new and see a new place, without the substantial investment that comes with travel. We make sure to partner with companies that are located in a desirable place to visit,” said Adam.

“We take care of the transportation to get you to and from your new job, arrange housing and set you up with a job that will provide you the security you need to explore a new part of America without having to sacrifice your income.”

The Outer Banks, Beaches of Florida or Nantucket are just some of the locations where employees can spend a season.

Alongside jobs in hospitality and retail there are also opportunities for lifeguards, sports coaches and more. All positions come with the required training, any uniforms and a dated short-term contract that pays a fair wage. The Work Nomads will offer continued support throughout each job and experience.


More than 700 employers are already using The Work Nomads to fill their positions, some of which require no previous experience. They are therefore confident that every successful applicant can be employed, getting the chance to work in a new place, with new people, whilst enjoying a new experience.

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