at sea and helicopter experiences with quark expeditions
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Explore Greenland by Sea, Land and Air

Expedition cruise company launches a new way to explore Greenland with the launch of off-ship adventures by helicopter.

Set to launch in July 2021, Quark Expeditions have released the program for their new Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air. The company specialises in expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica aboard small, equipped expedition vessels. In their 25-year history this is their first itinerary to partner with Greenland’s local communities on a regional, municipal and national level.

at sea and helicopter experiences with quark expeditions
Image: PRNewsfoto/Quark Expeditions

Alex McNeil, Director of Expedition Experience and Innovation, Quark Expeditions said: “The Greenland Adventure voyages are the first expedition voyages in history to be developed in full partnership with local community members and businesses in Greenland, from conception to execution.

“The culture and expertise of the people of South Greenland will be woven into these voyages. Ultramarine’s twin-engine helicopters will transport guests to remote locations for unique adventure options, something no other operator can provide. Aligned with our Polar Promise strategy, all of these activities are developed sustainably with our local partners.”

Image: PRNewsfoto/Quark Expeditions

The program will allow guests travelling on the polar vessel ‘Ultramarine’ that is equipped with ice breakers, dual heli-decks and two twin engine helicopters to leave the ship and explore on land.

One of the new adventures is to be Heli-hiking.

Two helicopters will take guests to camp overnight around Tasermiut fjord plus support them as they trek the vast Greenland Ice Sheet and kayak in the alpine lakes. The chance to visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Kujataa and explore the history of the Vikings is also included. The regions food can be tasted after searching the tundra with a local chef, as a fresh and memorable meal will be cooked and served.

Image: David Merron via PRNewsfoto/Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions’ Polar Learning Channel will be hosting Green land Adventure Week from Monday 27th July until Saturday 1st August. The series will feature guests from the Quark Expeditions team and South Greenland. After listening to each 20-minute presentation, the audience will be able to ask questions.  

As a member of the Travelopia Group, focussing specifically on specialist travel, Quark Expeditions offer adventure travellers unforgettable polar experiences with unique, immersive off ship, land-based activities.

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