a boat on a lake in yunnan, china
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Discover Yunnan Through Social Media

The digital tourism platform Go-Yunnan has launched across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to showcase the southwestern province of China.

Attracting visitors to the region’s lakes, mountains, gorges and rice terraces, Yunnan is renowned for a varied landscape to enjoy time outdoors. It is also referred to as a Chinese province with mysterious beauty. Historical limestone karst peaks can be found in the Shilin Stone Forest. The cultural area is Modern Kunming, often referred to as the ‘Spring City’ it homes various temples and museums.

boat o a lake in yunnan, china

Go-Yunnan has now completed their platform that integrates the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on to their website and app. The aim is to provide somewhere for everyone to discover Yunnan before, during and after their visit.

Containing real time updates, the platform shares information on cities, activities and events across the province. Some main features include destinations, itineraries, experiences, food and guides, covering over 400 places of interest. The guide section will provide recommendations on routes and attractions with guided tours to watch on some of the most popular places.

the go-yunnan website and app
Image: PRNewsfoto/Go-Yunnan

Live streams will be broadcasted to show the weather, people, places and transport which are expected to make it easier for visitors planning their day or stay.

There is also a complaints button which can be used to report any problems or bad service, plus it can act as an assistant if the user is lost or needs any other assistance.

in the mountains of chinas yunnan a man attends to his yaks

A translator is also included as is an exchange function, showing conversion rates against 14 currencies, allowing the user to always be sure of prices. Other traveller services are bus and train timetables, a directory of consulates, visa information, time zone comparisons, safety tips, climate information and many other helpful hints to assist with an enjoyable, stress free trip.

The app is available to download from Google Play and App Store or visit the website.

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