Glamping Estimated to Reach Global Value of $3.9 Billion

New report shows the glamping travel market is expected to reach $3.9 billion worldwide by 2027.

As travellers become more familiar with accommodation types such as pods, treehouses, cabins and various styles of luxury tent, a recent report shows an industry growth of 17.5% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between now and 2027.

With people looking for new experiences when they travel plus a more recent interest in remote and nature orientated destinations, glamping is becoming an increasing popular accommodation choice around the world. The concept of having home comforts and a luxurious feel to compliment the tranquil surroundings and sense of adventure is appealing to a wider group than that of traditional camping.

The report from Research and Markets, reflects how the market is expected to advance due to an increase in health awareness as well as advancements in tourism infrastructures and accessibility to services in global locations. There is also said to be a rise in disposable income resulting in travellers spending on luxury and new experiences.

New and young travellers withing the 18-32 age group are particularly keen to explore glamping. In 2020, the trend saw more travellers of this age camping than those aged 33-50 years, 51-65 years or those aged over 65.    

Gen X and millennials are said to be showing an increased interest in glamping holidays.

The internet and social media platforms are also expected to assist in raising awareness of glamping and all the services it has to offer. However, there is an increase in recreational vehicles that could cause some hindrance, explains the report.

Information shows cabins and pods to currently and remain to be, the most popular type of glamping accommodation, with an expected growth in the tent sector. Other categories include yurts, treehouses and others.

Looking at different regions worldwide, the report is projecting North America to have the highest CAGR. Travellers there are looking for less popular locations with fewer people. Those that have previously glamped, are said to be likely to do so again.  Canadians are showing an interest in both traditional camping and glamping experiences.

Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America are the reports other destinations.

The full, purchasable report includes exhaustive coverage of the markets, figures and key companies. Baillie Lodges, Collective Retreats, PurePods Ltd, Paperbark Camp, Hoshino Resorts Co, Africamps Boutique Camping, Nightfall Camp Pty, Getaway House Inc, Under Canvas Inc and Tentrr Inc are all included.

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