Life and Death of Nature’s Poet Robert Burns

Robert Burns, was born into farming on January 25th, 1759 in Ayrshire. He was to become Scotland’s most celebrated writer. Living a short yet complex life, Robert Burns called various parts of Scotland his home. He grew up on a farm in Alloway with his father from Kincardineshire, mother from Culzean and six siblings. Working… Continue reading Life and Death of Nature’s Poet Robert Burns

farm gate in watercolour

Robert Burns: The Wounded Hare

Robert Burns was inspired by nature, often referred to as ‘Nature’s Poet’ The Wounded Hare is another example of this. Wounded in the Field in Watercolour The Wounded Hare was written by Robert Burns after he saw an injured hare limping after a man had tried to shoot it. Burns absorbed the animals, nature and… Continue reading Robert Burns: The Wounded Hare

brown field mouse

Robert Burns: To A Mouse

Nature’s Poet Robert Burns was inspired by nature, writing ‘To A Mouse’ after disturbing one in her nest whilst ploughing. Written in the November of 1785, using a similar style as ‘To a Louse’ or ‘To a Haggis’, the poet starts as a speaker talking to the mouse he has just disturbed whilst ploughing a… Continue reading Robert Burns: To A Mouse

red red rose

Robert Burns: A Red Red Rose

Often referred to as ‘Nature’s Poet’, Scotland’s Robert Burns took inspiration from the world, people and nature that surrounded him. Turning his surroundings into stanzas of poems or lyrics of songs. Some were adaptions of other works or have since been adapted by others. Whilst writing the song ‘Red Red Rose’ in 1794, Burns used… Continue reading Robert Burns: A Red Red Rose