Viewers of Changing Seas Programmes Can Connect with Topic Experts

As Changing Seas premiere their new episodes online viewers will be able to connect with global featured experts after watching. The first of four new episodes of Changing Seas went online in June with a further three scheduled for during July. The series, in its twelfth year, takes viewers on exciting adventures with oceanographers alongside… Continue reading Viewers of Changing Seas Programmes Can Connect with Topic Experts

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Experience Orlando from Home

Visit Orlando have more than 85 virtual experiences that can be enjoyed through films or live streaming, without leaving home. Through streaming live film specials, Facebook live broadcasts, YouTube videos and 360-degree online experiences, Visit Orlando have over 85 activities that everyone can enjoy from home using any type of online device. Said to be… Continue reading Experience Orlando from Home

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Explore Jacksonville from Home

Visit Jacksonville are inviting guests from everywhere to experience their southern hospitality and warm sunshine through their virtual experience hub. The accredited destination marketing organisation Visit Jacksonville works towards growing leisure and tourism within the city of Jacksonville in the north-east of Florida. They have now launched their virtual experience hub so that when visitors… Continue reading Explore Jacksonville from Home