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Celebrate Switzerland’s National Day

Four languages, five borders, a vast inventive history and plenty of exhilarating outdoor fun, a national day for everything Swiss. This small central European country shares borders with Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.  The capital is Bern and two of the largest cities are Zurich and Geneva. The people of Switzerland have four official… Continue reading Celebrate Switzerland’s National Day

the castlerigg stone circle in englands lake district
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Free English Heritage Sites to Visit Now

More than 180 of English Heritage’s free sites are open to visitors with all others to hopefully reopen by August. England’s history can be discovered for free, including the Iron Age and Medieval, Saxon, Norman or Roman times through historic walls, castles, crosses, abbeys, stone circles, bridges and more at sites across the country that… Continue reading Free English Heritage Sites to Visit Now

historical train and station of salou
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Dusk and Dawn: Historical Sights of Salou Town

A morning walk to visit the thousand years old olive trees, Roman villa ruins, Gothic defence tower and historical train. The bright sunny morning made a change from the cloud and drizzle. Whilst the shaded spots still held the morning coolness, the sunny ones were suggesting a hot day, the type that one would rather… Continue reading Dusk and Dawn: Historical Sights of Salou Town

valletta and the blue waters of malta

Travel through Cinema: Malta

The Maltese islands are famous for cinematic shoots including Gladiator, Cutthroat Island, Troy and the Popeye musical. The Maltese islands are made up of Malta, Comino and Gozo. Situated to the South of Italy and North of Tunisia the country has a vast history. The rugged cliff tops, clear blue waters and mixture of historical… Continue reading Travel through Cinema: Malta


Adventure, History and Culture in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi

Located in central Mexico, the state of San Luis Potosi holds history, culture and adventure, offering visitors mesmerising experiences. Divided into the five areas of Central, Highlands, the Huasteca, Midland and the capital of San Luis Potosi the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi offers visitors a wealth of experiences to showcase the astonishing history,… Continue reading Adventure, History and Culture in Mexico’s San Luis Potosi

press and tractor outside the parc tematic de l'oli of les garrigues
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Discover the History of Olive Oil in Les Garrigues

The sun shining in a clear blue sky above the blooming blossom is one reason to explore Lleida in March. Heading south from the Spanish the city of Lleida in the direction of les Borges Blanques, there is the Parc Temátic de l’Oli waiting to be discovered. Just off the main N-240 road with a… Continue reading Discover the History of Olive Oil in Les Garrigues

pevensey castle
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English Castles to Visit in November

English Heritage have shared their pick of five castles to visit this Autumn. Conisbrough Castle Conisbrough Castle South Yorkshire’s 12th Century castle was the inspiration behind Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. Its crumbling castle walls, grassy picnic areas, visitor centre and exhibitions are still attracting guests to visit the castle, see its defences and learn about… Continue reading English Castles to Visit in November

the royal baths park in warsaw
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24 Hours in Warsaw

The old town by night, Royal Baths by day, a meal of traditional pierogi(dumplings) and a general mooch around the Centrum area.  Stepping from the train, Central Station (Centralna) was like many others. On leaving the station, I saw I had arrived in Warsaw. I head for the 'Frying Pan' (the locals meeting place), where… Continue reading 24 Hours in Warsaw

greek mountain museum on the island of zakynthos
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Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

A land train trip into the mountains on the Greek island of Zakynthos, tasting wine, eating meze and discovering local history. It was a warm Greek evening on the island of Zakynthos.  In the small town of Alykes the pools and beaches were emptying as holidaymakers showered and changed. I was getting ready for the… Continue reading Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

santorini greece
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Santorini: An Island Tour

Famous for its sunsets, the Greek island of Santorini offers visitors a chance to explore on land and at sea. As one of the Greek Cyclade Islands, Santorini lies in the Aegon Sea, its name taken from Saint Irene. As many of the Greek islands have suffered volcanoes and earthquakes, Santorini is no different. Devastation… Continue reading Santorini: An Island Tour