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Get Paid to Take an Eco-Friendly Holiday in Maui

American company to pay one lucky candidate $2,000 for taking an eco-friendly trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Maui's Coastal Landscape Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, the American state is a volcanic archipelago located in the Central Pacific. Known for rugged landscapes, clear waters, tropical foliage and sandy beaches Maui offers… Continue reading Get Paid to Take an Eco-Friendly Holiday in Maui

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Santorini: An Island Tour

Famous for its sunsets, the Greek island of Santorini offers visitors a chance to explore on land and at sea. As one of the Greek Cyclade Islands, Santorini lies in the Aegon Sea, its name taken from Saint Irene. As many of the Greek islands have suffered volcanoes and earthquakes, Santorini is no different. Devastation… Continue reading Santorini: An Island Tour

view into the sea from a cove on menorca
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Menorca: A Spanish Balearic Island

Full of vivid green fields, bright buttercups, turquoise coves and sandy beaches, Menorca is the most northern of the Balearics. Menorca lies in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of mainland Spain. A little less visited than the Balearic Islands of Majorca and Ibiza, Menorca is incredibly picturesque with long sandy beaches, turquoise waters and… Continue reading Menorca: A Spanish Balearic Island