the view over stockholm in january
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Sweden: Stockholm in January

With cheap flights and good value accommodation, the Swedish capital of Stockholm is the perfect choice for a January getaway. For those not looking for the winter sun, the white snow and blue skies of Sweden in January can be more enjoyable than miserable. The bright skies, Swedish hospitality and picturesque cobbled streets of the… Continue reading Sweden: Stockholm in January

the royal baths park in warsaw
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24 Hours in Warsaw

The old town by night, Royal Baths by day, a meal of traditional pierogi(dumplings) and a general mooch around the Centrum area.  Stepping from the train, Central Station (Centralna) was like many others. On leaving the station, I saw I had arrived in Warsaw. I head for the 'Frying Pan' (the locals meeting place), where… Continue reading 24 Hours in Warsaw

morro bay california
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End of Summer Adventures in Morro Bay

California’s Morro Bay is home to last minute outdoor adventures as summer comes to an end. Set within the Morray Bay State Park on the central coast of California, Morro Bay offers outdoor activities on land and in the water. Cycling is the perfect way to see around the town, check out the trails, see… Continue reading End of Summer Adventures in Morro Bay

the natural surroundings of monterey california usa with rocks, wild flowers and seagull
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Monterey County Offers Springtime Hiking and Cycling Trails

California’s County of Monterey has become a springtime destination for outdoor activities whilst offering attractions on land, by sea or in the air. Offering an array of exciting outdoors activities Monterey has become a must visit destination. Along this section of rugged coastline in California, USA, visitors can take in stunning views, watch acrobatic planes… Continue reading Monterey County Offers Springtime Hiking and Cycling Trails