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The States Staycation: Road Trips

Americans are planning to stay close to home this summer by taking road trips whilst making flexible last-minute travel plans. A report released by Expedia shows that Americans are planning to holiday in their home states this year, after reviewing search and demand data plus the outcome of a survey completed by over 1,000 people… Continue reading The States Staycation: Road Trips

greek mountain museum on the island of zakynthos
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Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

A land train trip into the mountains on the Greek island of Zakynthos, tasting wine, eating meze and discovering local history. It was a warm Greek evening on the island of Zakynthos.  In the small town of Alykes the pools and beaches were emptying as holidaymakers showered and changed. I was getting ready for the… Continue reading Wine Tasting on the Island of Zakynthos

santorini greece
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Santorini: An Island Tour

Famous for its sunsets, the Greek island of Santorini offers visitors a chance to explore on land and at sea. As one of the Greek Cyclade Islands, Santorini lies in the Aegon Sea, its name taken from Saint Irene. As many of the Greek islands have suffered volcanoes and earthquakes, Santorini is no different. Devastation… Continue reading Santorini: An Island Tour

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Travel Canada’s Outdoors Like a Canadian

The most popular and fastest growing tourist hotspots in Canada all take in the Great Outdoors. After the long winter months, Canadians enjoy their summer months and are currently doing so enjoying outdoor activities in their own country, according to Expedia travel experts. Not only does their budget last longer but 26% of the 750… Continue reading Travel Canada’s Outdoors Like a Canadian


Summer Can Be a Difficult Time for Dogs and Other Pets

Spring and summer are ideal for spending time outdoors with animals, but can it also cause them discomfort. Leading retailer and pets service company PetSmart have issued ways in which dog and pet owners can safely enjoy the warmer months outdoors with their animals. Their suggestions help owners to keep their animals cool, hydrated and… Continue reading Summer Can Be a Difficult Time for Dogs and Other Pets