a boat on a lake in yunnan, china
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Discover Yunnan Through Social Media

The digital tourism platform Go-Yunnan has launched across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to showcase the southwestern province of China. Attracting visitors to the region’s lakes, mountains, gorges and rice terraces, Yunnan is renowned for a varied landscape to enjoy time outdoors. It is also referred to as a Chinese province with mysterious beauty. Historical limestone… Continue reading Discover Yunnan Through Social Media

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Virtual Reality Travel App Available Now

"Can you imagine of a better time to launch a virtual reality travel app?" That was the question asked by John Graham and Steve Perillo, company founders of Travel World VR and the people behind the new virtual travel app. Starting out by offering promotional services to travel companies in the destination, transport, tour operations… Continue reading Virtual Reality Travel App Available Now


Launch of First International Stretching App for Travellers

New app helps travellers stretch whilst travelling by road, rail, air or sea to reduce muscle pains and help prevent thrombosis. Created by Germany’s first Afghan fitness trainer Schugufa Issar Amerchel (Sia), the new Travelltics app is currently available in English and German with the promise to expand into other languages in the future. The… Continue reading Launch of First International Stretching App for Travellers